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5 star service by Vetnwerx HVAC San Jose
I just wanted to say that I had an outstanding experience with Angel and the rest of his crew. We had a complete HVAC swap out and I was really happy how everything turned out. They completed the entire job in about 2.5 days.

Rod S.


5 star service by Vetnwerx HVAC San Jose
Hottest 3 days of the year, 2015 and our air conditioner stopped working… Angel from Ventwerx not only worked us in on the same day I called, but actually was able to come out in the morning! Great customer service. Love these guys.

Ellyn S.


5 star service by Vetnwerx HVAC San Jose
If I could I would give even more stars! I called around 3:30 and that same day George came by and fixed my AC unit. I had a cool house by 8:30! So great, fast, and professional. Thank you Ventwerx, Angel, and George!

Heidi M.


Ductless Minisplit System Advantages

If you recently added rooms to your new home or if you are planning to upgrade the heating system in your home, San Jose heating experts recommend choosing a ductless minisplit system. “Also known as mini splits, these heat pumps are ideal for retrofits as well...
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Nest Thermostats Benefits for Households

Nest Thermostats systems and other smart technology is making life greatly convenient for everyone. It is a huge delight that many of today’s technological provisions are aimed at making living at home increasingly comfortable and safe. Among the impressive...
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Household AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance is key to every home, and after the long bout with El Niño, people learned how important it truly is to have a good HVAC system installed at home. During those excruciatingly hot days that triggered everything from a nosebleed, to a migraine, to skin...
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Saving Energy with a California Energy Upgrade

Saving Energy with smart energy use is more important for homeowners than ever before. Homeowners across the country  have become more willing to invest in energy-saving measures for their property. This is a great development because better home energy management can...
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Is It Time for an Air Conditioner Upgrade?

Air Conditioner Upgrade – an unexpected air conditioner replacement can leave your budget in disarray. Fortunately, you do not have to be blindsided by this type of situation. “Even before a real need to replace your air conditioner comes, there are a few...
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Insulation Life Expectancy

Insulation Life Expectancy: Insulation is useful in making your home more comfortable year-round. It also helps lower your heating and cooling costs. While newer homes enjoy the benefits of modern insulation, older homes usually require additional insulation for their...
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How to Prep Your Home for an AC Installation

Even the best air-conditioning systems will perform poorly if these are not installed properly. This is why AC installation is best left to the hands of the experts. Proper AC installation should begin even before you purchase a unit for your home. Ideally, you should...
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8 Ways How To Keep Your Home Cool

Most summer days, you’ll find yourself at home wondering how to keep your home cool. Summer has just begun, but temperatures have already consistently been in the 80s. You can only expect it to get hotter. You can’t always be cooling off by the pool, at the beach, or...
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4 Reasons you might have an AC Cooling Problem

The heating, ventilating and air conditioning or HVAC system in your home is an essential factor to your household’s comfort within the property. Wherever you may live in your state, it’s inevitable for the temperature to change as the seasons change,...
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Must-Know Details About Today’s HVAC Energy Efficiency Standards

Savings amounting to $167 billion on consumers’ utility bills. A reduction of 885 million metric tons of carbon pollution produced by the nation. These are two of the biggest returns the government expects to gain from the newest released appliance and equipment...
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