Heating San Jose

Heating San Jose

Achieve Ideal Interior Climate With Heating (San Jose)

When you’re at home, all you want is to feel safe, secure, and best of all completely comfortable — and we at Ventwerx can make sure you have the most ideal interior climate through home heating. San Jose residents and homeowners throughout the Bay Area can turn to our expert heating technicians for any concerns with indoor heating; we ensure your full satisfaction with our various services which include routine maintenance, major heating repair, and even heating replacement.

Living in the Bay Area can mean really cold mornings and chilly evenings, especially in the winter. Therefore, it’s imperative that your heating system is working effectively at all times. The moment you notice that your home is not as warm as you want it to be despite your “working” heaters, don’t hesitate to call us so we can correctly identify the problem and apply the appropriate solution.

heating and cooling systemsVentwerx Inc. is dedicated to creating maximum comfort for homes,and we are also the most reliable installers of Carrier products (a highly rated brand for HVAC systems). So if you’re considering a brand switch, all you have to do is get in touch with us online or via phone, and we will have your new Carrier HVAC system installed, working and keeping your home comfortably warm in no time. We specialize in this brand because of the superior quality it offers and we always recommend the best value to our clients, which is what Carrier is all about. The brand is known for providing “smart” heating and cooling systems that can:

  • Safely forecast a pattern of fresher, healthier air for years to come, helping your family breathe easier, sleep better and avoid health issues;
  • Provide you control over those elements, whether you’re at home or half a world away;
  • Lower your utility bills for the foreseeable future so you can manage your finances better and have more money to direct toward other financial responsibilities, and
  • Help you do your bit in protecting the environment.

We are members of the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration or ASCR, and we have also earned the Home Performance Green Certificate of EnergyStar.gov.

Likewise, Ventwerx is accredited by the Building Performance Institute, an organization devoted to raising the bar in home performance contracting by establishing national standards, company accreditation, professional certification, and quality assurance programs. We are proud to say that we meet all the stringent criteria as professional solutions and service providers.

Worried about the cost of home heating issues? We offer a free heating services estimate. Just fill out our estimate form, schedule an appointment on our website, or call Ventwerx toll free at 866-699-VENT.

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San Jose Air Conditioning

San Jose Air Conditioning

San Jose Air Conditioning Installation And Services

Ventwerx– The trusted team for AC installation, maintenance and repair services in the Bay Area. San Jose air conditioning specialists help homeowners create the best living spaces for their loved ones.

Want to make your home a more comfortable and inviting place to live in? Looking to ensure your household enjoys the benefits of a clean, safe and healthy indoor environment?

Invest in the right air conditioning system by working only with trusted experts. At Ventwerx, we offer top-of-the-line, all-in solutions that allow you to enjoy a full range of services including full range of air duct cleaning, air duct repair, dryer vent cleaning, and installation of high quality lifetime electrostatic filters.

Yes, we provide more than just cooling and heating services – we employ a complete strategy tailored to suit your preferences, the size and layout of your property, your lifestyle and your budget.

As a leader in the industry, we make sure that we work only with brands that offer a similar strong focus on delivering quality products and customer service. Ventwerx is a proud, licensed installer of Carrier air conditioning systems – the global leader in heating and air-conditioning systems.

Carrier air conditioning Carrier products are trusted to bring the following advantages, allowing you to realize their promise of creating “the ideal climate for your home.”

Energy efficiency–Their units are engineered to match precisely the cooling requirements of your home, so you consume only the amount of energy that you exactly need. The result: lower power bills and a more earth-friendly home.

Quiet operation – Carrier is committed to providing maximum comfort. With their intelligent technology, they created powerful cooling machines that offer the desired temperature while running on a low, slow and amazingly quiet operation.

Consistent comfort– Millions of households attest to the reliable performance and long-term durability of Carrier cooling and heating solutions.

Combined with the technical know-how of Ventwerx installation professionals, you ensure that the Carrier unit you choose will be performing to its full potential for a long time.

Local experts for personalized, specialty expertise

Ventwerx is a San Jose-based company with a local team of HVAC heating and air conditioning specialists. That means we know the area and the local climate. We know the customers and are in tune with what they need.

Call us now to prove – a robot won’t answer; one of our technicians will be there to take your call and deliver the personal attention you urgently deserve. For a free estimate, please feel free to use our super simple, easy-to use booking system. Schedule your much-needed A/C service today!

Certified and trained

The Ventwerx team continues to collect recognition from authority bodies and industry associations. We are proud that not a few of the honors we received mean not just prestige for the company but also prove our customer-first commitment: membership to the Association of Specialists in Cleaning & Restoration (ASCR), Home Performance Green Certificate from EnergyStar.gov, and accreditation from the Building Performance Institute.

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Attic Insulation

Ventwerx attic insulation services offers free energy inspections to San Jose and more!

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