Air Sealing Attic Services

Air Sealing Attic Services

Improving Comfort and Energy
Efficiency in Your Home

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Faulty air sealing can lead to unreasonably high energy bills, uneven indoor temperature, draft, ice dams and dry indoor air in the winter, and other problems. If you are experiencing these problems, it’s important to immediately conduct proper air sealing and repair, and look into the need to upgrade the insulation there.

Doing so with the help of certified cooling, heating and insulation professionals from our team will allow you solve these problems and enjoy economic and energy-saving benefits as a property owner.

Ventwerx’s team of attic air sealing experts can get the work done in no time. When you work with us, you benefit from:

  • Free on-site inspection.
  • Customized solutions to address the specific attic air sealing problem in your home.
  • Identification of potential health and safety hazards due to attic air leaks.
  • Complete, done-for-you service provided by a team of highly trained and certified heating and cooling technicians, from installation, repair, cleaning, replacement to upgrade and maintenance.
  • Add-on expert recommendations to help you achieve better comfort and efficiency in your home.

Ventwerx’s team of attic air sealing experts can get the work done in no time.

Call us today and enjoy the following benefits of proper attic air sealing:

Establish the correct, comfortable temperature for your home. Major air leaks cause fluctuating and uneven temperatures throughout your home. When you invest in professional attic air sealing and insulation, you can arrest these leaks and ensure your indoor temperature is consistent according to your desired levels.

Reduce energy consumption. Your heating and cooling systems can be the biggest energy consumers in your home. If your attic is properly air sealed, you get better performance from your HVAC system, gain more control of your indoor temperature and thus avoid excessive energy use.

Ventwerx-Work-Photo (62)Build a healthier home. Poor air sealing, insulation and ventilation can make your home more prone to structural damage which, in turn, can open it up to damp air and pest infestations. Proper air sealing protects your home from contaminants and weather elements that can put your family’s health at risk. A well-managed indoor temperature likewise does not only allow for comfortable living, but healthier living as well.

Enjoy rebates. The local government and local utilities offer various rebates for homeowners investing in home energy efficiency upgrades, including some types of air sealing projects.

To know more about air sealing services, fill out our free estimate form online, schedule an appointment via this website or contact us through our toll-free number 866-699-VENT today.