Complete In-Home Energy Performance

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Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Summers can get intensely hot and a lot of homes nowadays struggle to achieve the right comfortable climate even with cooling implements. This is mainly the reason why electricity bills shoot up during the season — because air conditioning units are forced to work double time and consume more energy.

Most homeowners would just consider this a reality they have to accept – it’s the price of comfort. But the thing is, there’s no need to blow a big amount of money for that single purpose if smart home features, such as blown-in insulation, is installed. With blown-in insulation, no matter the changing seasons, a household can save energy, lower its utility bills, and be consistently eco-responsible by decreasing fossil fuel burning and carbon dioxide emissions without compromising comfort.


Go Green with Blown-In Insulation!

Blown-in insulation is a savvy solution for homeowners who want to save money and take a green approach to living. It is environmentally friendly made with 99% natural and recycled materials. Not only that, it can help maintain the integrity of a house’s structural components as well for it doesn’t require the addition of fire-retardant chemicals that are known to promote corrosions of pipes and wires. Plus, it does not decay or rot, support fungus growth, and pests are not attracted to it.

It’s important to mention that to enhance its efficacy as a home implement, different R-values are assigned to it to ensure “climate compatibility.” Since different areas naturally have different climates, the amount of insulation certain homes require varies as well. Location of installation is also another important consideration; HVAC experts claim that loose-fill blown-in insulation is best installed in attics for they are the most cost-effective place to install a large amount of insulation. Likewise, quality ductwork should be ensured to prevent insulation from circulating into the vents and to ensure that it’s kept away from ceiling fixtures.


More Than Just Attic Insulation

Installation is a thorough task and the requirements are different for every household; therefore, it’s crucial to have professionals take care of it. Ventwerx HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning, a trusted attic insulation installation company, is thoroughly familiar with these R-values and the specific insulation requirements of homes within the San Jose and greater Bay Area – they can get the job done quickly and properly so all the great benefits of blown-in insulation are secured for clients. Equipped with the right tools and techniques, they are qualified to perform services that go beyond installation requirements; they also handle necessary structural repairs and removal of old, ineffective insulation so clients can surely get the most out of their home improvement investment.

For those in the San Jose area interested in harnessing the many benefits of proper insulation, we can provide a free estimate and even demonstrate how to heat and cool homes with the best results but without the hefty cost. Just fill out the free estimate form, schedule an appointment online or call the Ventwerx toll-free line at 866-699-VENT for more information about insulation needs.

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