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Insulation is a must when it comes to properly regulating the temperature in your home. It effectively minimizes the exchange of heat through roofs, walls, ducts or attics, so that less warm air escapes from the house during winter and less cool air escapes during summer. When your home is properly insulated, your air conditioning and heating systems don’t have to work harder to cool or heat the space.

With insulation, you significantly lower your heating and cooling bills and enjoy regulated indoor temperatures all year long.

Blown-in or loose fill insulation, which is made up of loose particles and blown into the attic or wall cavities, would be perfect for the home.

Why are experts needed for the job?

Working with blown-in insulation can’t be a DIY job — the material must be evenly distributed using special pneumatic equipment, so the task is best left to the professionals. And for residents in the San Jose, California area, the only professionals you need to call is our team at Ventwerx Incorporated.

With insulation, you significantly lower your heating and cooling bills

Here are excellent reasons why Ventwerx is the only name to keep in mind for your home’s insulation needs:

We make use of the best insulation products available. Our material of choice is Owens Corning insulation, particularly the brand’s PROPINK L77 Loosefill Insulation. Check out the highlights of using this top product:

  • PROPINK L77 is designed with Owens Corning’s High Performance Fiberizing technology.
  • It demonstrates exceptional performance when it comes to thermal protection and air infiltration control.
  • PROPINK L77 blows faster, it covers more square footage per bag, is more energy-efficient, and it can be used for a wide range of applications.

We have extensive knowledge of R-values. In the United States, all insulation products are given an R-value — the measurement for thermal resistance — based on the insulation’s thickness and density, as well as the material used. A higher R-value translates to a more effective barrier against heat loss (our top choice, Owens Corning PROPINK L77, has the highest-rated R-value per inch).

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  • We know the specific insulation requirements of San Jose and greater Bay Area homes.
  • Our team at Ventwerx has the right tools and equipment to perform the proper installation effectively and efficiently, every single time.

Discover how blown-in insulation can provide heating and cooling advantages for your home.

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