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Insulation Removal Services

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Houses require the installation of insulation for a number of reasons. Primarily, insulation keeps your house cool during hot months and warm during the cold months, by preventing heated or cooled air from escaping out of the house. This helps residents feel more comfortable within their homes, and it helps conserve energy by preventing furnaces and air conditioners from working harder to regulate the indoor temperature. In addition, homeowners can lower their energy bills and contribute to improving the environment.

In some instances, however, you need to have the insulation removed from your house instead of installed. Why?

  • The insulation has suffered water damage. Wet insulation can promote the growth of mold which exposes the residents to significant health risks.
  • Rodents have compromised the insulation. Rats and mice may have chewed through the insulation, preventing it from working properly. Rodents can also spread contaminants and diseases inside the house.
  • The old insulation is less effective than it used to be. If your insulation was installed 20 or more years ago, it would be far thinner than insulation installed today, and may not have the standard R-value (the measure of the insulation’s thermal performance) necessary for today’s homes.

In some instances, however, you need to have the insulation removed from your house instead of installed.

Insulation removal is a job that is best accomplished by professionals — specifically, our highly trained and experienced team at Ventwerx Incorporated.

Why trust us?

Ventwerx-Work-Photo (35)Removing insulation is one of our top services. You’ll have greater peace of mind when you let us perform all the associated tasks:

  • Assessing the affected area prior to insulation removal
  • Complete cleanup of the area
  • Thorough and effective removal of old insulation
  • Disposal of the removed material
  • Energy inspections
  • Determining the amount of new insulation that will replace the old one

With professionals from Ventwerx handling your insulation removal project, you can have greater confidence that your household will once again enjoy comfort and protection from irregular temperatures and contamination risks.

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